I’m traveling on the mainland after having done an interview with Regina Meredith at Gaia TV studios in Boulder, Colorado about my latest book, Cracking the Matrix. It was a great interview, and talking about negative, interdimensional beings and their deliberate, debasing programming of humanity for the last God-knows-how-many-thousands of years didn’t faze her in the slightest.

Regina also agreed that the only winning plan of action in the face of such influences resulting in all the terrifying totalitarian agendas being perpetrated upon us by the global elite is: 1) getting one’s head out of the clouds and getting real about what’s actually going on; and 2) getting fully in the body — wherein lies the nexus of our actual power.

“It seems like everyone I interview lately is advising getting grounded in the physical, getting in touch with their heart, and focusing on getting in touch with their own intuition as guidance,” she said. “The whole New Age bubble of love and light and putting one’s faith in gurus is losing its appeal.”

To which in the moment I could only add a fervent, “Alleluia, it’s about time!”

Comfie bubble

The New Age bubble may be an illusion. But it’s a comfortable one to reside in.

Certainly, it’s more reassuring thinking you know everything about life than dwelling outside the illusion, seeing the flat-out lies perpetrated by your government, your teachers, your priests, your parents, your doctor, and your guru about the nature of reality here on planet Earth!

Granted most of the people doing the lying have been lied to as well.

My parents and teachers, the priests and doctors and gurus in my life have all been just as bamboozled as I have been. They’ve just passed the baton of ignorance and illusion down to the next gullible generation.

Most government officials are most likely clueless as well about the over-arching agendas of diminishment and control perpetrated by the corrupt Deep State, their satanic overseers, and heaven only knows what other human and non-human influences mixing it up, vying for power over our little muggle fiefdom.

And then there’s the hundreds of millions of “normal people” who swallow the blue pill every morning along with their GMO-laden cereal, orange juice, and CNN news reports, keeping the game going.

Lonely as the Maytag repair man

I guess somebody has to be around to make fun of the conspiracy nuts jumping up and down, shouting about how mRNA vaccines are bioweapons and how the emperor wears no clothes. But when it’s your sister and brother-in-law, your parents and your cousins, your friends, neighbors and co-workers doing the laughing and finger-pointing, it’s pretty hard to take.

And standing out in the field talking about how the sky is falling—or at least how bad the chemtrails poisoning us are getting—it gets pretty lonely. Here’s just one example of the separation that’s occurring on every level of this planet nowadays.

A couple weeks ago my phone and computer were hacked. I bought a new phone and got a new number and transferred all my contacts by hand from my old phone to the new. And for the first time in years—certainly since I pulled the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz—I read through each and every name. And guess how many people made it into my new phone out of 2,241 contacts?

One-hundred and twenty-two.

The rest—all 2,119 of them—belonged to the Old Paradigm of Illusion. Some names were duplicates. Some I didn’t have a clue who they were. Some people had died. Many were old friends and associates who had cut me out of their lives with the first essay about the COVID vaccine hoax.

But the vast majority were transactional relationships based in Who Can Do What for Whom. People I’d cozied up to hoping their fame and large mailing lists could be co-opted to bolster my own fame and the success of my books. People who’d cozied up to me, hoping my Big Name contacts in the kingdom of New Age spirituality could be co-opted for their own marketing purposes.

Ants, crawling all over one another, using one another, trying to get up a ladder built of pure illusion … all the while talking about spirituality, enlightenment and God.

Granted. It was all mostly done in appalling ignorance.

But still …

On the flip side, the great news is—the people in my phone now are all authentic, loving, respectful people—largely awake or getting there—determined to create a world based in healthy relational dynamics … not transactional manipulation based in fear, insecurity and lack.

In other words, people not taken in by the program of competition, scarcity, and power-over—the slave mentality pushed down our throats 24/7 for millennia that has created the terrifying world so many of us apparently still live in today.

Now what?

Now that I know what’s behind the curtain—or at least some of the things behind the curtain—the question is “What’s next?” What path to take through the labyrinth?

If I know the agenda of the Powers That Be is the ultimate enslavement of a small, controllable population through the rigid control of people’s minds and bodies. If I know the agenda is 15-minute cities and no personal property ownership. If I know the agenda is AI-augmentation and a chipped labor-population with zero freedom … what choices do I make now? What are my options?

How do I avoid this looming reality?

I’ve talked many times before about the power of aligning with life and nature. On her show, Open Minds, Regina and I talked about the power of intuition and the vital importance of learning to be guided by the heart and gut. The “still small voice within” as it were.

Only by declaring personal sovereignty and taking absolute responsibility for my life and my choices do I stand a chance of safely exiting the Old Matrix, free and empowered to create and live in the new world.

The only fly in the ointment is … the LAST person on earth I have been trained and programmed to trust is myself.

This is a precarious setup most of us find ourselves dealing with as we face these dangerous and exciting times. Understanding the situation, it seems the “Now what?” in my life centers around getting comfortable—and rock solid—in my own knowingness.

And right now I’m faced with an opportunity to do just that.


I’ve lived on the island of Maui going on six years now. It is a place whose spirit, quite literally, called me to come there. It is “home” in every sense of the word—the place where my own spirit belongs and feels most aligned and comfortable.

On top of that, Maui is one of the most beautiful places on Earth

The sweet soft air. The gentleness and lush, cascading beauty. Flowers everywhere. Ocean breezes. Thundering surf. Placid honus, the gentle Hawai’ian green sea turtles, floating in cerulean waters. Sharp volcanic rock. Fertile soils. Aloha spirit and pono—the goodness of nature and her people—alive and present here despite two hundred years of missionaries, military occupation, economic exploitation, and tourism.

My cottage is small but cozy, on property far up the slopes of Haleakalā volcano, with extensive vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We are off-grid and totally solar. But with no well or personal water source.

The internal call to live and remain on the island is strong. But my mind brings up the dangers.

How easy it will be to dominate and subdue an island population. The plans are already in the works to make Maui the ideal “15-minute island.” When the next pandemic hits (not if), it is almost a certainty that I won’t be able to leave unless vaccinated. Last, but not least, I rent. I am not sovereign on the land I live upon and could be asked to leave for any number of reasons.

And then what would I do?

An open door …

On the flip side, a door has opened for me to homestead on a small ranch in Colorado. No house. No outbuildings. No electricity. Water from a well that could be piped to the acre-plot I selected. Unearthly quiet. Vast skies as open as Maui’s views … an ocean of farmland ringed by stupendous white-capped mountains. Dry parched soils that spring to life with rain and irrigation. Deep geothermal hot springs bubbling up all across the valley floor.

I’ve always loved Colorado and, having been raised on a farm, feel naturally drawn to a simple agricultural lifestyle. But I’ve homesteaded before. I know about the unbelievable amount of hard physical labor it takes to turn bare land into a home if you don’t have a decent sum of money in the bank … it’s beyond daunting.

It’s backbreaking. And I’m twenty years older now. That said, creating your own nest on land you love is infinitely satisfying, no matter how long and how much effort it takes.

I have many friends—awake friends—in the Southwest lands of America. Friends that are urging me to “come!” Friends saying, “What the heck are you doing on Maui? It’s dangerous there!” I hear talk from seers and prognosticators about “walls of water” circumnavigating the planet and increased volcanism in the near future. I hear how the high desert valleys of New Mexico and Colorado are “some of the safest places to be.”

But then that’s all exterior information. Factoids from dubious sources. If deep down my body—my whole being—says “stay on this volcano in the middle of the ocean” who am I to gainsay the message?

Getting clear

I don’t—in this moment—have a clue what to do. I am not clear what choice to make. Both places have their own beauty, their own siren call. Their seeming advantages and seeming disadvantages. Only time will tell which is the better path … or if there will even be a difference.

My monkey mind shrieks and chitters with every twitch of bad news about the WHO and the WEF, telling me how little time I have left to make up my mind. But is it my mind that needs to be made up? Or my mind that needs to bow to a different level of understanding?

With all my heart I know it is the latter. Now all I need is the courage to open up to the silence that contains everything I need to know.

Much love and aloha ~