A clarion (and frequently funny) voice for commonsense & higher awareness, Cate’s books, inspirational talks and videos address and provide solutions for the primary drivers behind our individual and social crises today: lack of self-awareness, confusion about the nature of gender, and an inability to manage our minds and emotions. 


Profoundly entertaining, informative and inspirational, Cate’s work has been birthed out of her 30-year investigation into human consciousness, spirituality, brain function, neurochemistry and quantum physics. She has a Master’s Degree in Humanistic Psychology, 37 years of intense meditation and inner work under her belt, a zestful personality and a great sense of humor.


A journalist for over 30 years, she has worked in all areas of communication, from network television and radio to newspapers, magazines and online publications. Cate is the author of five books and hundreds of published articles. A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows and podcasts, she is an outspoken advocate for actualizing human potential and calls herself an “evolutionary activist.”


“I’ve come through a decades-long initiation into the nature of the divine feminine and what it really means to be a woman. I’ve been re-shaped and tempered and have a vastly more enlightened view on feminism, gender and healthy social dynamics than I did growing up in the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately most of the world has yet to catch on to what woman’s true power really is: Wholeness.


“Everyone has the capacity for it. But the female of our species stands on its threshold. If together we can light the lamp of wholeness and hold it aloft, the entire world will flower and change.”