Since my life-shattering awakening into the Great Cosmic Joke in the fall of 2007 and then my equally life-shattering attempt to write about it in The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials in 2015, I have given up trying to talk about that which cannot be talked about.

My 32-year obsession with enlightenment is over. (Well, maybe not. If it were, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it.) Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to talk about sex instead.

The nature of the Divine is wholeness, unity, singularity. The experience of this indivisibility is PEACE and HARMONY.

The nature of humanity is division, duality, two-ness. The experience of this divisiveness is CONFUSION and CONFLICT.

And yet woman and man are two sides of the same divine coin.

Together we are ONE. Together we are whole. Together we are not just the mirror of the divine, we are Divine Creators in partnership with the Godhead itself.

Union comes two ways—externally and internally. Externally when sexually polarized beings (I am not confining this dynamic to male/female partnerships) join forces. Internally when complementary polarized forces are awakened and expressed within the individual.

The resulting experience either way is union = peace and harmony.

Currently, there is no peace and harmony on planet Earth because the foundations of humanity are split in two. The Battle of the Sexes, although misguided, is very real. And we see the results of this battle all around us.

My new obsession? Sexual Peace Talks.

Battles occur where there is misunderstanding and misunderstanding occurs where there is fear and ignorance. My first book Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within and my latest book, the hot spiritual romance novel Apollo & Me  address this ignorance and fear head on.

My next major book project, Sex, Lies & Love: The Conversation exposes it all and brings the opportunity for global healing.

Welcome to the conversation!