About Cate Montana


But enough with the mystical stuff …


From a young age I wanted answers. REAL answers about life, God and who/what I am—not fabrications and belief systems from other times and other people. Although I didn’t really know what the word meant, I wanted freedom.

Six decades of hard living and relentless searching later (and at least 30,000 hours of meditation), I had answers that made sense … I had inner and outer experience that allowed the REAL me to be revealed.

Or so I thought.

And then the year 2020 happened … and all those fantastic spiritual insights ran head on into a global situation that agonizingly revealed the apparent helplessness of humanity — my helplessness — in the face of epic forces of division and destruction that seemed unstoppable. Anti-life forces that have been recognized and named for eons on this planet … but never reckoned with.

And I thought What good does achieving bliss, sitting eyes closed on a zazen pillow, do me when the world is going to hell? What good does it do the world?

Many “spiritual” answers to those questions arrived, all designed to keep me sitting on that pillow, disembodied and safely disconnected from the chaos and misery, confusion and despair around me.

And I thought This doesn’t feel right. There must be another way … another way that utilizes ALL of me … another way to live — eyes open — fully embodied in the power of my love … no longer subject to a consciousness that separates, uses and destroys.

There must be another way …

And there is.

Embodiment is where it’s at. Being human—understanding what that really means—is where it’s at. Actualizing our true nature and the full power of pure love, eyes open, blind to nothing. Connected. Grounded. Earthed. Preciously unique. Curious, free and vibrantly alive!


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Much love and Aloha ~


Cate Montana