Finding the Feminine

A deep journey of discovery into the nature of the Divine Feminine by a modern woman raised to think and operate like a man in a man’s world.

Finding Freedom

Breaking the ego spell is not about killing the ego, it’s about understanding it and learning to expand it to include everything.

Finding Love

A spiritual tale of deathless love, magic and sexual healing, Apollo & Me explodes the myths around sex and spirituality and the very nature of reality itself.


Cate will  knock your socks off. She has an uncommon ability to connect with her audiences on both emotional and intellectual levels, and that hugely helps people have the “aha” necessary to make real changes.

- John Tintera, marketing Mgr. Hay House publishing

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Selflessness versus the Self

Selflessness versus the Self

Basically, I’ve been paralyzed to various degrees over this issue for decades. Starting off as a spiritual seeker back in the early 1980s, it was clear from the teachers and books that the ego self was something bad that needed to be transcended—or killed—at the very...

Lost in the Dark Forest

Lost in the Dark Forest

Ever felt lost? Confused? Uncertain? ​​Yeah, me too. I like to joke about how I’ve never been lost geographically. Blessed with an acute sense of direction, hiking or driving from point A to point B has rarely been a problem for me. I wish I could say the same about...

A New Creation

A New Creation

Two metaphorical lightning bolts hit me this morning during the weekly Sunday morning class on A Course of Love. (A channeled teaching of Jesus, who clearly states it is his follow-up to A Course in Miracles.) The question came up, “How do I incorporate what I’m...