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Finding Freedom


Ever felt the world is not what it seems?

Like something other is pulling strings you can’t quite see?


Buckle your seat belt. The matrix of illusion separating you (and the rest of humanity) from love and connection is about to go bye-bye …


Next stop? The New Heaven and the New Earth that only we can create … together … once we know Who We Really Are and what has been standing in our way.

Unearthing Venus

Finding the Feminine

A deep journey of discovery into the nature of the Divine Feminine by a modern woman raised to think and operate like a man in a man’s world.

Finding Your Self

Breaking the ego spell is not about killing the ego, it’s about understanding it and learning to expand it to include everything.

Finding Love

A spiritual tale of deathless love, magic and sexual healing, Apollo & Me explodes the myths around sex and spirituality and the very nature of reality itself.


Cate will  knock your socks off. She has an uncommon ability to connect with her audiences on both emotional and intellectual levels, and that hugely helps people have the “aha” necessary to make real changes.

- John Tintera, marketing Mgr. Hay House publishing

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War & Peace

War & Peace

Ever since the latest atrocities in Israel occurred last Saturday, Edwin Starr's iconic 1969 song "War" has been going through my brain. And in case you aren't familiar with it, here are the opening lines: "War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'." And...

A Different Kind of “No!”

A Different Kind of “No!”

Like all the residents of Maui, Hawai'i, and many millions around the globe, I'm still emotionally and psychically reeling from the deadly Lahaina fire. Like millions around the world, I'm asking myself, "What really happened? What's really going on?" Most pressing is...