Ever felt something isn’t quite right here on planet Earth? That life is not supposed to be this way—this hurtful, joyless and nonsensical? Ever felt (like Neo in The Matrix) that the world has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth?

Hold tight to that insight. Like Neo following the white rabbit, your intuition is guiding you to the answers you crave about the nature of your true self, the nature of humanity and life, and the reasons why there is so little meaning and love in the world around us today.

Hold tight and buckle your seat belt, ’cause if you click to read more … Kansas is going bye-bye.

Next stop? The New Heaven and the New Earth that has so long been prophesied. The New Heaven and the New Earth that only we can create … together … once we know Who We Really Are and what has been standing in our way.

Cracking the Matrix by Cate Montana

American author Kathryn Adams just wants to chill on a Greek island and relax. But Apollo, the devastatingly handsome ancient Greek god of wisdom and light has other plans: come back to Earth to make amends for his betrayal when she was one of his priestesses at Delphi, and get her to join forces with him in a desperate gamble to save humanity from a diabolical doomsday plot hatched by one of his fellow gods. A cross-time tale of deathless love, magic and sexual healing, Apollo & Me explodes the myths around, the relationship between the gods and man, man and woman, and the very nature of the world itself.

An evolutionary everywoman’s tale and a true hero’s journey, Unearthing Venus jousts with the deepest soul questions—and the enormous gender issues—facing women and men today with humor, wisdom and compelling humanity. From the contented suburbs of post-World War II America to a primitive cabin in the North Georgia mountains, from New Age cult in the Pacific Northwest to the jungle camps of ayahuasceros deep in the Amazon jungles of South America, Unearthing Venus is a gripping memoir of personal transformation straddling varied cultures, ideologies and several generations of change. 

The E Word reveals erroneous beliefs about “self” and how spirituality and common self-improvement processes and techniques actually send us on a wild goose chase away from the very happiness, fulfillment, and wisdom we seek. It explains how the ego is created, how it thinks, and how its limited mindset can be expanded—not inflated—into an evolutionary perspective that makes isolation, fear and insecurity bad dreams of the past. A must-read for anyone interested in getting past New Age platitudes about enlightenment!

Based in the latest findings in neuroscience and neurocardiology, this book guides readers to an uncomplicated understanding of the astounding power of our emotions and explains a simple but extraordinarily powerful technique called the See, Feel, Hear Challenge that enables people to easily gain entry into the storehouse of their subconscious core beliefs. In the process, it cracks the coded messages that those beliefs release in the form of disease, suffering, addictions, unhappy relationships, and victimized circumstances. 

A no BS look at money, materialism, media, politics (poli-tricks), healthcare, sex and society and all the games we are taught to play for the advantage of the 1% monied classes, GhettoPhysic explains the astounding scientific discoveries in quantum, physics, neuroscience and psychology in simple direct ways that will wake you up to what’s been goin’ down and coach you on how to go about making the changes inside that will enable you to regain your personal power and make a difference in the world.

Compiled and edited by best-selling author Cate Montana, Shamanism in the New Millennium is an exploration of shamanism through the stories of 16 individuals revealing how a person is called by Spirit (often reluctantly) to become a shaman/healer, what that journey looks like from multiple perspectives and traditions, what becoming a shaman/healer entails, and how that journey is transforming in the face of rapid cultural changes, loss of traditions, loss of ecosystems, and the loss of interest in “the old ways.”