Cracking the Matrix

The world has indeed been pulled over our eyes, blinding us to the one thing we need to see: The very real presence of a parasitic interdimensional intelligence that has negatively influenced every culture on Earth for thousands of years.

The Greeks called these astral entities the Archons—the Powerful Evil Ones. Christians lump these beings into one category, labeling this anti-life Force Satan, Beelzebub, and the devil. The Hebrews call this destructive intelligence Abaddon. In Islam it’s Iblis. Native American tribes call these mind parasites wetiko and windingo. Hawaiian kahunas name them the ‘e’epa. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called them the antimimos, “the imitator and evil principle” and equated these beings with the Antichrist.

Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual and Global Freedom explores the nature of this highly destructive parasitic influence, helping people to finally: 1) see the reality of this anti-life Force, 2) understand its agenda, 3) recognize its blatant presence behind current global events, 4) learn how to break free of its age-old spell and 5) stand up in their true spiritual power, ready to create the New Heaven and the New Earth that have always been prophesied.


Cracking the Matrix by Cate Montana

“A work that seems divinely inspired to address most of humanity’s problems at this point in human history, Cracking the Matrix is a masterpiece revealing the major forces working against us ever reaching the destiny pivotal figures in the history of humanity, such as Jesus of Nazareth or Muhammad, tried to direct us towards attaining. A brilliant analysis of the modern-day issues, Cate Montana’s new book is a classic work that will repay seriously pondering its content a hundred-fold.”

~ Míċeál Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D. former advisor to Pope John Paul II