A breathtaking spiritual love story

While chilling out on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, American author Kathryn Adams is approached by Apollo, the ancient and devastatingly handsome Greek god of wisdom and light who has come back to Earth to obtain redemption for his betrayal when she was a priestess at his temple in Delphi. Can he get her to join forces with him in his desperate gamble to save humanity from the evil doomsday plot perpetrated by one of his fellow gods? Can he again win her love?


From the initial mortal-meets-god reunion on Mount Parnassus where Apollo tests Kathryn’s ethical fiber by offering to restore her lost youth if she will worship him (she refuses) to Apollo’s intense and ultimately healing seduction of Kathryn on the island of Paros, from hidden temple catacombs to an inter-dimensional, cross-time, Goddess ritual Kathryn must perform along with her third century BCE former priestess self in a last-ditch attempt to save the dying Apollo, this is a mystical tale of love and sexual healing that explodes the myths surrounding older women and sex, the relationship between the gods and man and ultimately the material illusion of the world itself.



As entertaining as it is enlightening, Apollo and Me is a thoroughly engaging spiritual romance like nothing I’ve read before. Smart, conscious women will love this poignant, funny and captivating story.

– Emily Trinkhaus, 39, author, astrologer,