Apollo & Me literally blew my mind! On the surface it’s a great romance novel, but underneath that is some of the deepest spiritual information I’ve read to date. – Jean Adrienne, host on New Earth Television


Pure delight pours out on every page, along with a keen sense of humor and heightened spirituality! Highly recommended! – Grady Harp, Top Amazon Reviewer 




It was spring 2015 and I was in Greece visiting the temple of Apollo at Delphi. The second day I was there, I hiked up Mount Parnassus to get away from the tourists. There, on a wind-swept cliff high above the ancient temple complex, a gorgeous man appeared out of nowhere. He sat down next to me and said:  “Hi! I’m Apollo. I have things to tell humanity. Let’s talk.” And then he was gone …


Apollo & Me is the story and conversation that unfolded from that extraordinary meeting.





A tempestuous Delphic priestess, lover of the God of Light himself, is reincarnated as a modern American author. On vacation in Greece, a very shocked Kathryn Adams is approached and wooed by Apollo. Can he obtain redemption for his past betrayal and get her to join forces once again in thwarting an evil plot against the Goddess and humanity by one of his fellow gods? Can he once again win her trust and love?


From the initial mortal-meets-god reunion on Mount Parnassus where Apollo tests Kathryn’s ethical fiber to Apollo’s intense and ultimately healing seduction of Kathryn on the island of Paros, from hidden temple catacombs to an inter-dimensional, cross-time Goddess ritual Kathryn must perform in a last-ditch attempt to save the dying Apollo, this is a mystical tale of love and sexual healing that explodes the myths surrounding older women and sex, the relationship between the gods and man and ultimately the material illusion of the world itself.



As entertaining as it is enlightening, Apollo and Me is a thoroughly engaging spiritual romance like nothing I’ve read before. Smart, conscious women will love this poignant, funny and captivating story.

– Emily Trinkhaus, 39, author, astrologer,