Confession: I recently watched an excellent interview Tucker Carlson conducted with Bret Weinstein, an ex-evolutionary biology professor-turned podcaster who is no longer employed by The Evergreen State College in my old stomping grounds of Olympia, Washington.

Why was I watching an interview with a former “nobody” being conducted by a former conservative FOX news anchor who I once believed was an iconic enemy of all progress and freedom for humanity?

I could toss this question off with a non-answer like, “Well, strange times make for strange bedfellows.” But the real answer is far more telling.

I was watching this interview because both Bret and Tucker are Awakened Speakers for the Truth. (Not to be confused with dead-while-walking “Woke” Tools of Globalist Programming and Propaganda.)

You can be a biology teacher or a conservative newscaster, a lawyer or a welfare recipient, a fundamentalist Christian or an atheist … it doesn’t matter. If you have finally “gotten it” that the corporate and political elite do NOT have your best interests at heart; if you have realized that the military-industrial complex is fast creating a global totalitarian regime; if you have looked around and counted the dead and disabled in your family and friends group who took the “shot;” if you are exhausted, depleted, economically on the edge of ruin and don’t know how you’re going to secure the wellbeing of your family or yourself in the coming days and know that Big Brother Government is not the answer, but rather the cause of your plight … you have awakened.

Whether you then become a Speaker for the Truth or not is up to you.

Encouraging words

Remember how the tobacco companies bald-faced lied to the American people for 50 years about the dangers of cigarette smoking and cancer? How they coopted, coerced and bought off doctors and researchers to endorse cigarettes? (To see the magazine ad below, set email preferences to view content.)

Well, extrapolate that by about a thousand and that’s the picture Weinstein paints illuminating where Big Pharma is at today. (Weinstein attended a recent medical conference in Europe where researchers estimated global mortality amongst those who received the mRNA COVID “vaccine” at 17 million people.)

How any human being on the planet could actively promote the death of 17 million people simply for economic gain and market share control was beyond both Carlson and Weinstein’s comprehension. Both expressed their shock at this figure clearly and openly. (It’s not beyond me, but that’s only because of the research I’ve done on the nature of the interdimensional influence on this planet, poisoning minds and running the show.)

But that’s not the point I want to share.

At the very end of the 60-minute interview, Weinstein made the statement that, despite everything, he is incredibly hopeful when it comes to our future on this planet. Why?

Because he believes the Global Cabal made a monumental mistake when they marginalized, criticized, fired, de-licensed, de-frocked, de-legitimized, censored and otherwise attacked intelligent, concerned individuals who questioned the mainstream narrative about COVID and the so-called vaccines—doctors, researchers, journalists, biologists, makeup artists, bus drivers, waitresses …

By doing so, the Controllers managed to alienate and subsequently unite all the thinking human beings across all socio-economic, ethnic, political, national, and religious boundaries worldwide.

In one fell swoop they created what Weinstein calls The Dream Team.

People of compassion, intelligence, open mindedness, and moral fiber willing to stand up for truth and justice in the face of staggering public censure and vilification. Who are willing to surrender their livelihoods, their reputations, their professions, their life-long political beliefs, the respect of their families, neighbors, friends and co-workers, because none of those things are worth compromising their very souls for.

Which is what we’re all looking at facing today.

Choice point

We’re at the choice point. Individually, we’ll either continue to turn a blind eye to what’s going on under our very noses or we won’t. We’ll either refuse to ask questions or we won’t. We’ll either go along with the mainstream narrative and the direction it’s pushing us—towards increasing censorship, control, lockdowns and force—or we won’t.

We’ll either take the shot, the pill, the ID chip, the Central Banking Social Credit Score, the mandates, the ever-increasing restrictions to freedom—or we won’t.

Of course, the deepest underlying question behind all of this is: “But if I say, ‘NO!’ what will happen to me?”

Physically? I don’t know. The material ramifications of standing up for life and truth, beauty and freedom will be different for everyone.

Spiritually, though, I can say for certain: It will liberate you.

You will be exalted as a free woman and as a free man. Your spirit and soul will soar. You will have certainty. Not the certainty of having the right plan or the right label or the right politically correct stance to tout and wave. You will have the certainty of right alignment with life itself.

And that alignment will take you safely, physically, through anything. Because life only knows more life. It always aligns with what is nourishing, growth-filled, and sustainable. And how can that possibly be bad?

It might mean you start out life, like Bret Weinstein, thinking, acting and living as an evolutionary biologist and college professor, unexpectedly ending up as a freedom-fighter, global health advocate and podcaster, talking to people like Tucker Carlson, hoping to wake people up to what’s going on.

It might mean you start out as a spiritually-correct, positive-thinking, “only look at the Light” journalist and author who suddenly sees the world descending into madness and starts researching and writing and then talking about the nature of evil and the very real presence and influence of negative interdimensional intelligences on this planet. (Talk about an unexpected turn of events!)

But that’s where the search for truth led me.

Speaking of which.

Good question

I was on a Canadian radio show, The ‘X’ ZONE last night, being interviewed by a gentleman named Rob McConnell. And he asked me, “How do you know we’re caught in a matrix? How do you know the world around us is a lie?” He didn’t ask me, “How do you know it’s the truth?” But that’s what he was asking.

I don’t recall what I said. But I know what I wish I’d said. And that is: “Because all my life I’ve felt there was something wrong with the world—that things somehow weren’t what they seemed—that life shouldn’t be this hard, this sad, this burdensome and troubled.

“Because everybody I’ve ever met, read about, or studied doesn’t want war and suffering. Doesn’t want hardship and pain, competition and a dog-eat-dog existence. Because nobody on this planet wants a totalitarian jackboot across their necks. Because nobody I know is enjoying the kind of world we have today, nobody wants to be a wage slave, and nobody wants the kind of dystopian future being heralded as inevitable.

“And yet we’re still headed there.

“Out of eight billion people on this planet, only a relative handful of people want this situation and this kind of outcome and we’re still rocketing headlong in that direction.

That’s how I know we’re caught in a matrix. That’s how I know the world around us is a lie.”

The dream team

People of compassion, intelligence, open mindedness, and moral fiber, openly willing stand up for life, beauty and goodness … what a vision!

And standing up for life doesn’t mean having to march or protest or write a book or start a podcast. It means doing whatever you’re called to do, saying whatever you’re called to say, going wherever you’re called to go—no matter what—always choosing what facilitates connection, more understanding, greater health and healing, and more abundance and love on this amazing planet of ours.

It’s obviously going to be a different gig for all of us. But here’s a small example of what I’m talking about.

I obviously don’t have a lot of issues about exposing my thoughts in public. And yet the other day I was on a podcast that really shook me up.

The show was live and the host, the Right Reverend _______ (who shall go nameless) was five minutes late coming on air. He proceeded to say he hadn’t read my book or my press kit, had no idea what I was about, and to please introduce myself. After I did, he then launched into a sermon about how Earth is a low consciousness planet, how humans are low consciousness beasts, and how hopefully one day the angels and aliens will be able to teach us how to be decent people so we’ll one day be equal to joining the Galactic Federation.

He went on and on—basically spouting all the debasing programming and stories about human nature I wrote Cracking the Matrix to expose and dispel.

Listening to him preach, shriveling in horror, I just wanted to hang up the phone and run away.

My gender programming screamed “Kowtow to the man!” My religious upbringing shouted “Kowtow to the priest!” My polite social “be a nice girl” programming whispered, “Now, be a good girl and don’t argue.”  And I seriously considered all of those voices.

But I didn’t take their advice. Because love wouldn’t let me.

I love this planet and the people on it too much to permit more lies and bullshit stories to be spewed forth in my presence. So, when he paused for breath, I jumped in with both feet and preached nonstop for a good 40 minutes about our divine spirit nature.

I didn’t try to argue with him or make what he said wrong. (Well, not too much!) Instead I focused on talking about human goodness. About our innate compassion. About our creative power. About the power of pure love. About how we’ve been tricked and programmed and allowed ourselves to be diddled and divided, deceived and debased. About how we don’t need angels telling us what to do or contact with aliens to save us.

“We need to contact ourselves, not aliens,” I said. “We need to accept what the Bible and all the great spiritual books have always said: That we are the children of God—which means we are eternal spirit beings of love.

“We need to know Who We Really Are and then stand up in that power and that glory and shine and create the heaven on Earth that has always been foretold!”

And you know what? At the end of my love rant, the good reverend actually asked me back on his show.

Which just goes to prove you never know the miracles that will happen when people of good heart show up firmly and passionately for love.

Hugs and aloha ~