The word “trust” is believed to derive from the Old Norse word “traust,” meaning “help, confidence, protection, support.” But there are questions about that. The most reliable origin is the proto-Indo-European world “deru” — to be “firm, steadfast, hard, solid.” By the time “trust” came into common usage in the West around 1200 AD, it meant: “reliance on the veracity, integrity, or other virtues of someone or something; religious faith.”

I verified this through a couple online sources—which means I didn’t trust checking just one. Unfortunately, traditional sources like the Oxford Dictionary require a subscription, so I’m going to have to assume that and are reliable!

 Damaged goods

A lot of people—if not most—limped into 2024 carrying a load of trust issues. And rightfully so. Everywhere we turn, our trust—our confidence in the integrity of information, people and organizations—has been violated over and over again.

We trust our government—our good, solid, democratic US government—to protect and support our freedoms and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We trust our educators to deliver quality, life-enhancing, supportive learning to our children. We trust our health organizations and doctors with our very lives. We trust the mainstream media to provide us accurate, unbiased reports on what’s going on in the world. We trust our banks to keep our money safe. We trust our supermarkets and restaurants to supply us healthy food.

But our government has betrayed the US constitution and its peoples over and over again.

For example, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were the reasons given justifying US and allied forces invading Iraq in 2003. They never existed. Thousands died over an excuse for grabbing greater control of oil resources in the Middle East.

And then there was the big bank bailout in 2008 to the tune of $700 billion in taxpayer dollars to banking and mortgage institutions that were so egregiously corrupt and greedy they went bankrupt, destroying the finances and lives of millions of US citizens.

And the bankers got paid in this scenario?

Of course, the latest, biggest, betrayal was the whole COVID mess. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and the FDA lied and all continue to do so. Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the US government’s Covid-19 relief program, doled out $22 billion of taxpayer money to corrupt pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine that they would then turn around and sell to the public at a massive profit. Millions of people faced illegal mandatory vaccination in a complete abrogation of personal rights. Millions of lives were destroyed.

Our doctors—threatened with lawsuits and the revocation of their medical licenses if they budge outside “standard of care” protocols, have simply capitulated to government regulations designed to support Big Pharma.

Our food supply is corporatized and polluted beyond all comprehension. The media is owned by the same three global asset management firms—Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street—that own Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Everything Else. Our educational system … well, I won’t even bother with that.

 Insidious programming

Frankly, I am shocked on a daily basis at how many times I go to research something and click away from some source that comes up, knowing it is completely biased and unreliable—CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times …

And I’m super skittish on social media anymore. I almost didn’t post some important information to Facebook the other day because I’m already skirting getting my account closed for breaching FB’s “Community Trust” algorithms by posting information deemed “misinformation.”

One post was “An Open Letter to the American People from Signatories of this Declaration of Military Accountability” (A military statement regarding the damage done military personnel over mandatory COVID vaccinations) and the second post was the January press release sent out by the Florida State Health Department announcing the complete halt of the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in the state.

My hesitation was based in an “Oh, hell, what’s the use? It’s just going to be flagged or taken down anyway, why bother?” attitude. That and “I’ll be punished if I post this.”

This is exactly the kind of consciousness that kept pogroms and the murder of Jews in Germany under the radar for years.

Indeed, the Florida Health Department press release was flagged with the dreaded i within minutes, informing readers that the Florida Health Department is a state government agency. Really? This was needed information when the post clearly stated it? Um … no. But nowadays, placing that corrosive little i on any post is enough to stop most people from reading the information it contains.

Why? Because we’ve been programmed to know that i is a “flag” by FB’s fact-checking AI robots spelling “Don’t go there. Misinformation ahead.”

Thus trained, we deaden our curiosity and concern, and become ever more obedient to globalist programming and control.

Who can you trust?

The $64,000 question, of course, is who/what to trust in these strangely perilous yet exciting times? (Perilous because the Old World Order is dissolving to slime taking much of the world with it. Exciting because the Old World Order is dissolving to slime and we have the opportunity to create anew.)

I’ve talked about it before, and no doubt will again. But at this point the only thing that makes any sense whatsoever to me is to develop trust in myself.

Not my ego personality with all its issues and triggers, fears and phobias, biases and unconscious programming running around in a delusional social matrix set in place by interdimensional forces and their global elitist lackeys.

Not the “me” that needs to succeed and control things and be right. Not the “me” that is terrified and wants to figure things out and make plans.

No no no.

The “me” I can trust yearns for kindness—for myself and all others. The “me” I can trust knows that all life deserves respect and equal consideration. The “me” I can trust yearns for an end to violence and all the suffering on this planet by any living creature. The “me” I can trust knows it can only be nature’s intelligence itself that can navigate the crazy that’s already here, let alone whatever else might be hovering over the horizon.

That “me” is unhooked from the control matrix and knows it can’t trust my limited mind and a bunch of disparate “facts” to figure things out. It knows the path of wisdom lies in trusting my heart and gut—my intuition and felt sense of things—to guide me.

Studies have shown that the gut and heart know the answers before the brain does. In an emergency, the gut and the heart are already propelling the body to safety before the brain has a clue. Body wisdom is nature’s wisdom. And neither lie.

Which brings me back around to trust.

“Trust is listening deeply to your own being,” says Jacqueline Hobbs, better known as Oracle Girl ( And I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, hearing her say those words impelled me to write this essay.

The way society has been programmed—the way we have been programmed—the LAST person we trust is ourselves. We have been rigorously schooled to always look outside ourselves for answers and direction—from teachers and gurus, politicians and economists, scientists and doctors, religious leaders and priests, and now, the Lord God Google.

This programming has been deliberate.

When the chips are down, the powers that be want everyone looking to them—depending upon their messages, their answers, their rules—for global salvation.

The kingdom of heaven lies within

Jesus said this (apparently) and he said it for a very good reason.

But what did he mean by “heaven” anyway? Is it bliss? Peace? Eternal life? Rainbows and unicorns with harps on clouds forever?

Frankly, at this point, if I had to choose one word as a definition for “heaven,” I think it would be “certainty.”

If I can be certain, it means I am “deru” — to be “firm, steadfast, hard, solid” in any given situation. If I can be certain and always know which way to go and what to choose, I will have “traust,” meaning “help, confidence, protection, support” from myself.

If I have steadfast certainty, I have trust. And if I have trust … total trust … (imagine having total, absolute, complete, trust in yourself and life! Imagine it!) Wouldn’t that be blissful? Peaceful? Heavenly?

Yeah, I think so too.

Much love and aloha ~