I rarely watch videos in the morning. But yesterday I started off the day with a cup of tea and a 15-minute follow-up on the Lahaina fire someone sent me. That segued into another video messaged me about flat earth and how we’ve been tricked into believing a depressing view of reality that has us convinced we’re nothing but insignificant, happenstantial specks of protoplasm evolved from apes, purposelessly trundling around on a speck of dirt called Earth in a vast sea of nothingness.

From there I stumbled onto an intense interview with Mo Gawdat, the former Chief Business Officer of Google [X], Google’s ‘moonshot factory’ of innovation. In the interview he detailed how humanity is facing a symbiotic coexistence with AI when it inevitably becomes a billion times smarter than we are.

At that point I had to take my own advice and go sit under a tree for an hour and focus on my heart, settling into an expansive visceral awareness of LIFE and my connection with all living beings, dreaming a vivid, bounteous, compassionate future that did not include my becoming a pet cat to an AI owner on a SMART island in the middle of the Pacific.


Learning how to stay sane in an insane world—not only sane but passionate, creative, and calmly optimistic—is not easy. But it seems to be the major, most necessary job at hand.

Actually, let me rephrase. There’s nothing “seeming” about it.

My one and only major task right now is getting and being REAL so that I can genuinely be passionate, creative, and calmly optimistic in these times.

So, what does that even mean? And how is it accomplished?

Having spent 35+ years meditating, focused on getting out of my body to where love supposedly resides “out there” somewhere with God and my Higher Christ Self … I know that ain’t the path to the real. It’s the path to many dimensions and insights and many blissful moments. But it’s not the path to integration and real wholeness here on Earth. And it’s certainly not the path to power. (As in the power of love, not power over.)

I’ve learned that plastering a smile on my face as I wrap myself in a bubble of positivity, envisioning rainbows and unicorns, hoping and praying things will somehow work out okay in the end as I add more pictures to my vision board isn’t going to get me where I want to go.

And where do I want to go?

Into a future where life is honored and respected and supported. Into a future where all beings are allowed to live in peace. Into a future where prosperity and health aren’t costly transactional operations. Into a future where children exuberantly explore and freely express their deepest joys and abilities.

To get to that future I have to be capable of not only dreaming it, but actualizing it. And to be capable of actualizing it I have to be potent and present. And potency requires being deeply embodied and grounded to the earth—an orientation that a couple thousand years of religious and cultural programming have weakened considerably.

Scriptural deceit

Those of us raised in one of the three Abrahamic religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity have been taught that we are dirt. Literally.

Like billions of people, I was raised to believe that, like Adam, I was the dust of the Earth and basically nothing. Because “nothing” and “dust” were equivalent. Dry. Dead. Worthless.

This teaching, like so many religious and spiritual teachings around the world, is a deliberate twisting of the truth. Yes, my body and the body of Earth are of one substance. But as we have seen over and over, that “substance” is purely energetic. There’s actually no physical substance to anything that we call “reality” whatsoever. including dust. It’s all interpenetrating fields of quantum events.

Life and energy are one and the same … aka the life force aka love.

This is what we are made of. This is what the Earth is made of. A massive, incomprehensively huge force of love/energy — an intelligent force capable of building and creating mountains and oceans and universes.

So, when some spiritual teacher prompts me to close my eyes and get out of my body; when some religious teaching tells me the body is filth and should be denied; when some priest comes along saying the Earth is the devil’s playground, I am being seduced away from Source. Because the Earth and the body are part of Source. Illimitable. Unfathomable. Powerful. Joyous.

The keys to the real

Being deeply embodied and grounded to the earth, being Who We Really Are, is where real power resides. Not in political parties. Not in wealth. Not in science. Not in atom bombs. Not in AI.

Embodiment and being grounded are the keys to being real. Keys that have been deliberately hidden from us for a very long time. For being real means being Who We Really Are—spirit beings of pure love, so aligned with the Life Force, so attuned with telluric forces that life/love explodes out of us in a marriage dance with earth in a creative process that ensures there is nothing else possible in the future but more life, more love, more intimate expansive connection and ever greater possibilities.

Aligning with our Earth Mother is aligning with the true north of our own being.

And when we go beyond the concept of such a possibility and embody the living waters of spirit which are also the living waters of earth, we step into our authority. We step into the consciousness Jesus referred to where: “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, ‘Remove hence to yonder place;’ and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”[1]

Of course, this kind of power seems pretty far-fetched to people whose inner authority has been adroitly highjacked, who rely on truth from the mainstream media, politicians and duplicitous agencies like the CDC, WHO and WEF, who run to the nearest drugstore to get the latest flu shot at the first sneeze or the first fall pharmaceutical ads that drop on TV, who haven’t walked barefoot upon the earth or sat quietly under a tree (without a phone!) for decades.

Maybe Jesus could move mountains. Or Superman. But lil’ ol’ me?

It’s up to us

Obviously, the “you” that can literally move mountains isn’t the personal “you”—the ego personality with all its issues and triggers, fears and phobias, biases, selfishness and unconscious programming running around in a delusional social matrix set in place by interdimensional forces and their global elitist lackeys.

It isn’t the “you” that thinks about power in any personal way at all. And thank heavens for that!!

The “you” that can move mountains is the you that yearns for world peace. It’s the you that yearns for kindness—for yourself and all others. It’s the you that knows that life—all life—deserves respect and equal consideration. It’s the you that yearns for an end to violence and all the suffering on this planet by any living creature.

It’s the you that refuses to seek vengeance as you cradle the shattered body of your dead son or daughter in your arms, looking the very enemy who took that life in the eye, filled with rage, consumed beyond all understanding by grief … the you who, despite the volcanic rage and the agony says, “NO! I will not perpetuate the violence that took my child. The cycle of revenge and killing … it stops here, with me, now. This is how I honor his life. Her life. Not with more death and killing … but with more life.”

THAT is the love, the power that moves mountains. That is the love, the power, that births new realities. That is the love and the power that dreams a better future and actualizes it. Because that is the love and the power of LIFE itself moving through us, as us, that can do anything.

Baby steps

I feel like an infant on this journey into realness. And yet at the same time I feel like a full-grown adult. The felt sense of homecoming, of naturalness is all-pervasive. Like this is the place that never disappeared, that was always still there in me despite the programming and the lies, the overlays and distortions perpetrated upon me, the false dreams that I blindly accepted and then acted out.

None of that matters anymore. As I seek out and shed light upon more and ever deeper shadows within myself, the old poisons drain away. The pain of seeing those false dreams and distortions and the false me that acted them out is nothing in the face of the relief that follows as interdimensional influences leave and the goodness of the real me is revealed in their place.

The guilt leaves. The shame disappears. Fear dissipates. Step by step I return to Who I Really Am. And the key to this whole process, besides being willing to see what’s really real, is getting and staying grounded in my body along the way.

Somatic tracking

Pretty much everything in the matrix is inverted. (Like the pentagram.) Counter to all the spiritual training I received for 40 years, I have learned that my safe place, my awake place, my power place, is not sitting with my eyes closed in a cave somewhere. It’s eyes wide open, in my body, right here, right now.

Down and in versus up and out.

Something that really helps with this getting-in-the-body process is something called “somatic tracking.” You can find dozens of somatic exercises on the web, and I highly recommend checking them out. But one of the simplest things you can do is simply sit with your bare feet on the floor, get comfortable, and get in touch with your body.

Starting at your feet, simply notice how your body feels—feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs … and on up, step-by-step, body part by body part.

Breathe calmly and normally as you do this, noticing feelings, sensations, energy, colors, movement, stagnation … whatever shows up. The slower you go and the longer you take becoming deeply aware of your entire body, the more in-tune and grounded you’ll feel.

What comes after that … well, that’s the journey.

Much love and aloha ~