Like all the residents of Maui, Hawai’i, and many millions around the globe, I’m still emotionally and psychically reeling from the deadly Lahaina fire. Like millions around the world, I’m asking myself, “What really happened? What’s really going on?” Most pressing is the question: “What can I do?”

I see the ever-increasing patterns of destruction, the ever-escalating attack on human beings and the planet itself. The rapaciousness and greed. The inhumanity of the elite. The ever-greater manipulation of our minds and emotions and finally, the deadening of our hopes and dreams as the specter of fear looms as a larger and larger presence in our lives.

None of this is accidental.

An invisible foe

As I wrote in my last article, “Winnowing the Wheat from the Chaff,” humanity has been caught and enmeshed in a matrix of lies spun by an ancient, well-known and oft-written about interdimensional intelligence known and variously named as the Archons, wetiko, windingo, AshShaytān, Mara, ‘e’epa, antimimos, the antichrist, hungry ghosts, mind parasites, and more.

I hesitate to mention the name “Satan,” since the traditional devil Christians have been raised to believe in is, at best, a deliberately frightening, almost ridiculous caricature of the non-physical, chimeric, interdimensional intelligence we’re actually dealing with. (In my book, Cracking the Matrix,

I explain why and how this distortion of the Archons’ nature has been promulgated by religion.)love

Bottomline, for thousands of years, we have been, and still are, being programmed by this subtle intelligence to 1) turn away from our true nature as powerful, creative beings of pure love and 2) come to believe that we are what IT is: manipulative, subversive, greedy, spiritually-dead, soul-sucking parasites.


Sorry to parrot the basic plot of every B-grade aliens-and-horror film ever made, but the ultimate agenda is a takeover. A takeover of our minds so that these parasites can fully enter us and have the physical experience of life that it craves … through us.

The GOOD news

So far, this interdimensional Intelligence’s psyops programming job has been highly effective.

As a species, we are way far down the road of shame, self-betrayal and self-hatred. The disintegrating, degraded world of violence, confusion, greed and terror we now live in is proof positive that the Archons’ overall campaign to separate us from nature, life, and our innate goodness has been working all too well.

The good news is that people are waking up.

It’s inevitable. The ever-more-obvious distractions and ploys being used against us—Covid, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, the bizarre, simultaneous and apparently self-igniting Canadian fires, the 2018 Paradise fire, the Boulder fire, and now Lahaina—driving us ever-deeper into fear and insecurity. These events and many more going back to before the Twin Towers and 911 are waving like neon banners announcing this elite, anti-human, anti-life global agenda.

People are intelligently dissecting such events, doing grassroots reporting, boldly spreading local, behind-the-scenes information on an ever-growing number of alternative news platforms.

Stories are countering the lock-step reporting of the corporate-controlled mainstream media. Stories are circulating, like the video testimony of the homeless man on the streets of Lahaina and the reports of numerous others describing police roadblocks at exits from Lahaina Towne—roadblocks that insured the deaths of hundreds of children, women and men incinerated in their inexplicably-stopped cars.

The eerie silence of the world’s most sophisticated early warning system. Weird stories of people sensing energetic interference and the rubble remains of Lahaina itself shouting “Directed Energy Weapons!” Reports of blocked aid to the Lahaina victims. The fantastically erroneous death count touted by the media. The oh-so-convenient elimination of the native population and their ancestral homes—real estate hungered after for decades by corporate developers. Land grabs by billionaires like Oprah and Larry Ellison. The governmental plans to turn Maui into the world’s first AI-controlled SMART island. It all literally screams out:

Something heinous is going on.

See the man behind the curtain

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, the 1900 children’s book written by L. Frank Baum, has long been analyzed as an allegorical depiction of society. And for good reason. When it comes to the interdimensional Intelligence called the Archons, we truly are dealing with an ineffectual posturer hiding behind a flimsy curtain, frantically pulling levers, driving a fantastical Smoke and Mirrors Show.

The man behind the curtain is the Archons. (I like the ancient Greek’s name for this Intelligence.) The smoke and mirrors are global distractions: war, pandemics, economic market manipulation and deliberate crashes, terrorism and climate manipulation. The levers are the elite of our planet—the pathetically soulless husks of once-upon-a-time humans whose greed and desire for power attracted these mind parasites which then, quite literally, possessed them.


How else can you explain a person who manipulates, demeans, attacks, destroys, maims, terrorizes and sucks dry his/her fellow humans and planet for their own personal gain?

Psychologists label such people psychopaths—men and women who chronically engage in antisocial and criminal behavior without remorse or empathy for those they intentionally victimize. Little do they know these people are actually being physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally driven by these forces.

What to do?

Now that we’ve got a better handle on the “what’s going on” question, let’s address what to do. Or better yet, let’s discuss what NOT to do.

So far, historically, humanity has responded to oppression in one of two ways: 1) Do battle or 2) turn the other cheek. BOTH responses are iconic in their apparent virtue. And yet both responses are highly advantageous to this interdimensional parasitic influence. Both responses are, quite literally, designed to support the Archons’ overall plan of takeover.

How? I have talked about how these parasites feed on strong emotions. Doing battle—fighting, hacking, slaughtering, bleeding, suffering, dying, sacrificing oneself for the cause—what a feast! (See my article “The Fallacy of Self-sacrifice” ( ) It’s a veritable buffet.

Battle is also the most effective tool the Archons use to keep us divided and at each other’s throats. This interdimensional influence is behind every territorial war for power and control.

It’s driving the righteousness of every religious war against the evil unbelievers. Behind the ethnic wars against the evil “other.”

But battling evil we fall prey to it.

And then there’s turning the other cheek—an action designed to inspire righteous victimization, suffering, angst, bleeding, and more dying. martyrdom

It’s all just more food for this interdimensional presence with the added bonus that, as tortured victims, doing battle and turning the other cheek, we diminish ourselves and our power in a seemingly endless and fruitless fight we cannot win.

No wonder as a collective we feel such despair!

As one reader—a friend of mine—wrote: “Why does evil always continue and virtue constantly need to prove itself over and over again? Is there an end to this domination or is it just up to each one of us to decide to leave this planet on our own? This suffering has gone on for far to long. And if there is this great light that will save us, where is it? I can’t tell you how many times I have said “Enough!” I am ready to leave this planet. We are all fighting overwhelming odds and we cannot do this on our own. And yet is there really someone else out there that is going to help us? Or is this just a bad joke in the end?”

The only answer I know

First of all, the light isn’t out there. It’s IN us. We are the “light.” We are the life. We are the love. Not the pitifully shallow, sexualized, romanticized, overly-emotional, treacly “love” we’ve all been programmed to believe in. But love that is life force itself. The ongoing infinite intelligence (for lack of a better word and definitely not “God” per se) that sets universes in motion and just as impartially destroys them.

No thing and no one is more powerful than we are. Nobody—no God, no angel, no alien race—is coming to rescue us. We have to bloody well rescue ourselves. And the first step in that self-rescue is taking off the blinders, pulling back the curtain, and finally seeing and understanding what we’re dealing with. When that happens, everything changes and the pathway becomes clear.

Because the Archons are NOT powerful.

They can’t even lift a piece of lint off the floor.The whole game is to convince us we are what it is. By doing so we lower our light and lower our consciousness. By debasing love and turning it into sex and romance and gender issues, by rejecting our power and constantly crying out for salvation from some more powerful Other, we open ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to these parasites and become hosts.

The answer is not to fight. The answer is not to give up. The answer is to finally see ourselves for What We Really Are: Infinite, powerful, multi-dimensional beings of pure love. The answer is to stand up in our own purity, see what’s happening and refuse to participate any longer in the debasing, divisive program on offer.

In our heart of hearts we know what is wrong. We know what’s currently on offer by the powers that be is corrupt and a trap. We know in our deepest core place that we are love incarnate. Spirit incarnate. Source incarnate.

The thing to do is act from that understanding.

Stand up!

We need to stand up for life. But not in a battling way. We don’t need to blow up the marina that’s being built within the last pristine calving place on earth left for the humpback whales. (A last-ditch action my friend, a passionate environmentalist who wrote the above comment, has desperately considered.) We don’t have to exhaust ourselves and put ourselves in danger.

Instead, we need to channel the fire of our anger, pain and outrage into life-oriented directions. Most importantly, we need to realize that we need not—indeed cannot—do this alone. Each one of us needs the support and help of others as we move out of the matrix of shame, victimization and despair that has been programed into us

Only then can we come together in like heart and mind and create from Who We Really Are. Only then do we have the power and knowledge to say “NO!”

NO to the new automated AI- run Whole Foods stores in Washington DC. NO to central bank digital currencies. NO to the next experimental (anti-life) vaccine.

Such a powerful “NO!” is the most powerful “YES!” to life imaginable. And once we are on a “Yes to life!” track there is no going back. It’s full steam ahead to creating the world we long for, dream of and know is possible.

And the Archons?

Well, with nothing left to feed upon and manipulate the jig is up. They move on just like we move on … in totally different directions, creating the totally different dead reality they’re equal to while we stand up and play in the light of all creation.