My dear friend, astrologer Emily Trinkhaus, says tomorrow’s (Monday’s) Equinox marks a massive turning point. “Saturn has just shifted into Pisces for the first time since 1996,” she says, “while Pluto is about to enter Aquarius for the first time since 1798. We’re moving into major new chapters – in our personal lives and the life of the collective.” (

We’ve all been feeling it coming … the absolute rock bottom necessity of transmutation. Not change—which usually implies adopting a new spiritual philosophy or finding a new job, a new lover, a new guru, a new home. (And all the while we unconsciously end up dragging our personal baggage along with the change from Point A to Point B. In my network television days working for ABC Sports and ESPN we used to call this, “Same shit, different location.”)

I’m not talking about transformation either, an overused word that basically means a change of form.

I’m talking transmutation—taking a quantum leap from one substance to another. In this case leaping out of the matrix of fear and control that has dominated humanity for so long, emerging from The Land of Hypnotized Sleepwalkers into our True Selves once again … unfettered beings of Pure Love with a great global cleaning-up job waiting on the horizon before us.

At this point, I’m as prepared for the task of stepping into the complete unknown as I’ll ever get. Like so many people, I’ve spent the last three years in the psychic equivalent of a commercial washing machine chugging along on the “heavy load” setting, getting my brain (and everything else) thoroughly cleansed of spiritual, religious, political, social and economic programming.

Considering the efficiency and comprehensiveness of the washing process, I am totally unsurprised to find myself well spun and hung out to dry in an entirely different reality than the one I was living in before entering the laundromat back in 2020. I bet you know the feeling!

What was once black is now white. What was up is now down. What was truth is now untruth. (Especially the lies about how the government and billionaire scions of power pushing The Great Reset have our best interests at heart!)

The new reality is temporarily disconcerting, yes. But my! What a vista of awesomeness awaits us!

In harmony with all this change … oops, I mean transmutation … I’m releasing my new book, Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom this week! YAY! At last! I’m also shifting my newsletter from posting once a month to once a week, and moving this newsletter to Substack—a platform upon which I can build a larger community.

I’m also focused on creating a whole new world of work for myself. Not only will I be releasing a weekly newsletter, I’m starting a weekly podcast in April called Cracking the Matrix, a kind of news-politics-true crime-comedy-science-health-self-help and spirituality podcast featuring interviews with a wide variety of people championing the unlimited, loving, free human and supporting all the many new individual and global discoveries, creations and shifts that are coming our way.

On top of everything else, I feel the need to somehow realign my economic reality as well. I want to stop monetizing myself, having clients pay me for my writing/editing skills by the hour (sounds rather like prostitution, doesn’t it?), and begin to … I’m not sure what or how to phrase it.

Open myself and give what I can to the world and receive in return?

That seems close to describing the living breathing dynamic of how life and love actually work. (Bye-bye artificial economic construct we’ve been trapped in for so long!)

So, while I’ll still be sending out a free newsletter once a month as usual, starting next month there will be the opportunity for people to subscribe to the weekly newsletter and podcast on a “pay what you will” basis.

Yikes! A new creation. A new way. A new wave. A transmutation. Holy Moly! I’m nervous and excited and scared and excited and … hoping you will join me.

We can hold hands along the way …