What a surprise after 40 years walking the spiritual path, to suddenly discover myself no longer interested in the journey of seeking something “better,” “higher” or “purer.”

How strange, after all the years of spiritual struggle, to discover that the same rules applied (achieve, attain, manifest) in the world of spirituality as it did in the physical world! And that in both worlds the whole end goal was apparently the same: To not be me as I am right here, right now, sitting at my desk in all the embodied grace and richness, love, humbleness, uncertainty and expansion of my humanity.

 How amazing to discover that I was always enough.

That life was always enough.

That I always had everything I needed.

How shocking to realize that the one thing I judged and dismissed and fought to overcome—my humanity—was my greatest gift. And that so many practices purporting to foster unity actually perpetuated the illusion of separation.


Talk about a “Come to Jesus” moment.

Nowhere to go.

Nothing to do.

Nobody to be

but me.

Nowhere to go.

Nothing to do.

Nobody to be

but you.



And Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Much love and aloha ~