“But I’m only human.”

Were more silly words ever spoken? Human beings are love made real.

We’re the whole package—the whole guacamole—the divine spark of eternal life, spirit and flesh (at least what appears to be flesh!), intuition, emotions, fiery imagination, creativity … fierce gentle adventurous souls with boundless curiosity and potential … the very vanguard of creation itself, leading the pack!

Only human? Ha!

Even the angels wish they could be us.

And yet, somehow, we’ve been convinced that we are lesser beings. Somehow, we’ve bought the idea that we’re on the bottom of creation’s totem pole. Creatures with feet of clay that must be bootstrapped into some semblance of presentability, whipped into shape and shoved up the evolutionary ladder where, hopefully, we can earn our keep and be worthy of life itself someday.

Seriously. Yuck! Can you spell p-r-o-p-a-g-a-n-d-a?

I’m not going to get into details of the Who or the Why of it. Maybe ancient aliens programmed our DNA for subservience. For sure, religion programmed us for servility and self-hatred. And while it’s likely spirituality has had us focused for far too long on rainbows and unicorns and personal manifestation, the real false flag operation we’ve been sent on is transformation.

Everybody I know (myself included) has trekked long and hard on the transformation trail, and to what end? So many of us find ourselves weary and unchanged by all our efforts. And dispirited.

But there’s a really simple reason for this seeming failure of ours: Transformation is a false idol.

How can you become what you already are?

The whole transformation concept is birthed from the erroneous idea that we are lesser beings because we’re wearing skin suits. Skin suits that aren’t really even physical. Remember E=Mc2?

Matter and energy are the same thing. Truth is, we’re energetic beings wearing energetic clothing. We’re angels on steroids.

And yet centuries-old programming has us believing the exact opposite of the truth.

It’s time to shrug off the programming. It’s time we remembered Who We Really Are. And once we do that—when we remember Who We Really Are—nothing can ever bring us down again!

So, when the TV news drones on with its endless tales of misery, war, dismemberment, betrayal and despair; when the shows and video games shove gore and violence and dysfunction in your face, screaming the subliminal message THIS is what you are! When social media drags you down …


Go stand in front of a mirror. See the luminosity in your eyes—spirit welcoming you home. Feel the love in your heart. Spirit welcoming you home. Go out in nature, feel the wind in your hair, inhale the cool autumn tang, scrunch your toes into the soil, breathe deep and know you are divine life itself. Spirit welcoming spirit home.

Forget the rest. And watch your world change.

Much love and aloha ~


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