Many years ago, when I first stepped onto the spiritual path, I left my husband and my television career to go off and live alone in a one-room cabin in the mountains of north Georgia. No electricity. No running water. No neighbors. Just me, two dogs, a cat, and a white Lippizan stallion.When I wasn’t working in the garden or roaming the hills on foot and horseback, I spent most of my three years in that cabin meditating my ass off, desperately looking beyond the insanity of my mind for something more—anything other than the “me” I thought I was.

Untrained, unsupervised, diving into meditative practices so deeply so quickly, I ended up (for lack of a better way of putting it) “cracking my kundalini.” And, because the state of my overall consciousness was relatively low at that point, overnight I was besieged by all sorts of astral visions and dreams. And not nice ones.

Meditation during the day was a nightmare. At night I was dragged out of my body by invisible hands and thrown into pits with demons and all sorts of frightful entities. I thought I was losing my mind, and to say I lived in a state of perpetual fear is an understatement. But I kept going. I kept peering within. I kept asking the only question that seemed to matter: Who am I?

Then, one night, the nightmare ended.

As sleep came upon me, I heard (as usual) the weird gibberish and screams of tortured beings in the distance and felt the invisible hands upon me, tugging at my astral body. Succeeding yet again at separating “me” from my physical embodiment, this time I was hurled into a dark graveyard.

Scared out of my wits, I was tiptoeing past a slimy stone crypt when around the corner appeared a ghastly beast, six feet tall, all wild hair, glowing red eyes, claws, drool and long sharp fangs.

As the beast lurched closer and closer, terror had me rooted to the spot. And then … out of nowhere, a blast of Pure Love exploded through my being, sweeping all fear away. The beast was upon me and right in my face. And in that moment of Pure Love I stepped forward to embrace it, arms wide, a smile on my lips, joy in my heart.

Its flaming red eyes flew wide, its drooling mouth snapped shut and, in total panic, it ran away, screaming into the night.

Still suffused with Love, I flew back to and entered my body. The rest of the night I lay in my single bed, cradled and protected in the arms of my own Pure Love connection.

That was the night I learned the truth that there is no power greater in the universe than the Power of Love.

That was many years ago, but the lesson given me has only strengthened with time.

Today, humanity stands at a crossroads. The time of choice is upon us. We are staring The Beast in the face. Do we choose love? Or do we give in to fear? Do we trust the wild freedom of individual divine sovereignty and the purity of Nature’s principles? Or do we choose what appears to be the safety and convenience of more and more control? Do we continue to allow nations, peoples, parties and now families to be torn apart by fearful agendas as we are set at each other’s throats? Or do we join hands, stand up, declare Love as our only agenda and face what frightens us?

Now is the time to ask yourself: Am I choosing my path out of fear? Or am I choosing my path out of love despite my fear?

Love is the only thing that will never let you down.

And it’s never too late to choose it.