Covid. The Elections. Polarization. Violence. Militias. Economic instability. Fake News. Climate change. The glorification of ignorance, meanness and willful stupidity.

As the ancient Chinese curse puts it: “May you live in interesting times.”

What the next year will bring—hell what the next month will bring— is anybody’s guess. But you know what? That’s not really true. We know exactly what’s going to happen next year and the year after that and the year after that:

More of the same.

Unless we significantly change as a species, we are destined, doomed, if you will, to foster and experience more polarization, more panic, more violence, more confusion, more fancy speeches and empty FB posts, more finger pointing and blame, more gaslighting and misdirection.

More self-inflicted bullshit.

As long as we remain isolated islands unto ourselves, fearful humans wrestling with lack and insecurity, fighting to get ahead, struggling keep a roof over our heads, misery is our inevitable destiny.

As long as the Kens and Karens of the world refuse to take responsibility for looking in the mirror and realizing who they really are—brothers and sisters in spirit, marching together on a Great Journey to make known the unknown—we will stay small and petty, easily manipulated and cowardly.

As long as we refuse to look within and find our soul’s greatness and then live up to that greatness, we will remain desperate to follow any sort of “leader” or guru who promises safety and stability and normalcy, never realizing that what we call normal is a perverted, dog-eat-dog system of survival created by the illusion of separation from each other and the world that our beloved body’s perceptions—and the separated ego identity that arises from those perceptions—give us.

There is no “unknown” in our current society, because there is no “unknown” in the current consciousness of humanity. Everything is known, predictable, temporarily satisfying and then ultimately disappointing and boring.

Which begs the question, “Why do we fear the unknown?”

Why do we fear the unknown when the unknown contains the only things that we’ve yet to experience?  … Profound love … genuine safety birthed from brotherly/sisterly compassion, support, and mutual caring … a deep awareness of the Universal Truths underpinning reality … the ecstasy of union that comes from knowing our Divine nature … the excitement of genuine creation—not the known creations of our humanity, but the unknown creative possibilities of our unlimited, eternal spirit.


In this time of times, don’t fear the unknown. Yearn for it. Ask it to enter your life. Open your mind and your heart to a great wind. Open your arms and bid the unknown “Welcome!” Look in the mirror and embrace the mysterious beauty of the unbound Presence shining behind your eyes and whisper, “Show me what’s possible beyond the known!”

And then embrace what comes in gladness.