“Mommy, Mommy, watch me!!”

It’s a cry most of us have uttered. Certainly a cry most of us have heard. A cry that, if you’re a mom and it’s summertime, can drive you crazy.

“Yes, dear, I’m watching,” Mommy says, burrowing deeper into her computer/book/magazine, wishing she could plug her ears. Oh, for a little peace and quiet!

“Mommy, watch me!!”

It’s a cry … an imperial command actually … to be seen in a moment of glory, accomplishing the perfect cannonball into the swimming pool, the perfect launch of a kite into the wind, the perfect summersault on the lawn. “WATCH ME!!!!” we yell …

And yet, I don’t think most of us are actually asking to be watched in these moments. I think this ubiquitous cry comes from some place deeper inside … a desperate, yearning call from the soul saying, “SEE me in all my shining glory! I’m here! Filled to bursting with potential and possibilities!!!! See the gloriously spectacular, unique being that I AM! Yahoo!!!”


Unfortunately, we are almost never seen for what we truly are.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely wasn’t taught I was an ineffable shining being of Love and Spiritual Glory. I was taught I was a snot-nosed brat better seen than heard. No wonder we quickly learn to settle for fleeting moments of inattention as we launch ourselves into a swan dive, striving for the satisfaction of perfection witnessed, and thus, perhaps, attained in our hearts and embodied enough to be permanently believed in.

Hmmmm. Nah.

We don’t believe we’re perfect. It doesn’t matter how many 10’s we score, how many awards and medals we receive. A thousand commendations, a million likes on a Facebook post, a dozen promotions struggled for and achieved, 15 letters after our name, ten thousand dollars in the bank … a million … ten million … none of it is enough to make us think well of ourselves.

We keep on striving to be special … to win the race to “be somebody” even if it’s killing us … because that’s the only thing we’ve been taught will fill the unfillable hole in our hearts and heal the endless self-despise.

But winning never satisfies. Being special is a goal we can never achieve. And thus self-love eludes us.

So here’s the deal: The only thing that will fill the hole in our hearts and lift us out of self-judgment is to see a different self than the one we’ve been trained to believe in—the separate and thus frightened little ego self that believes it’s a vulnerable human stand-alone unit struggling to survive in an indifferent, dog-eat-dog world that thrives on ruthless competition and exploitation.

We have to quiet ourselves—step back from the fray for a few minutes each day—and sincerely  ask to know the answer to the most important question of all: Who Am I?

Only by sincerely asking will we come to know the simple Truth: We are Love in Action. Love seeking expression on the Plane of Demonstration.


It’s easy to know who you really are. Just stop for a minute. Take a few quiet breaths and think of something or someone you love. Let the sweet love you feel for that person or thing fill you. Tune into it.

That’s it.

That’s You.

That feeling.

That Energy of Love.

It’s the Real You. Your essence. Your core.

Does feeling that love, that essence, bring a faint smile to your lips? That’s the Real You changing the vibratory frequency of your body. That’s the Real You sending out the vibe that will heal the world … the illusory world of the ego, filled with violence and fear … the poor, poor, separated ego-self so desperate to prove itself special enough to be worthy of love.

You are not who you think you are: Andy, Alice, Sage, Steve, John, Elenore, Helen, Frank …

You are LOVE.

And when you are WHO and WHAT YOU REALLY ARE, that changes everything.