I was a guest on the Jeff Faldalen Show today—and a rollickingly fun yet intense “give and take” on spirituality, consciousness, “the path,” enlightenment and evolution it was. (To watch the show check the link at the end.)

Nearing the end of the show, Jeff asked me, “What three things would you like to leave people with?” And before he had even finished asking the question I knew the answer: Quickly I jotted down the word relax.

Trust came almost instantly afterwards followed by desire.

I’m always amazed what comes out of my mouth during talk shows, just as I remain amazed at what comes through me when I write a book. It just sorta happens. Granted, there’s a lot less time to think when you doing a live show then there is when you’re sitting alone at your desk at 6 a.m. in the morning cranking out the pages. But frankly I don’t spend a lot of time thinking even when I write. I know the direction I want to go and the words (usually) just seem to come, building one upon the other, taking me along for the ride.

The moment I wrote down “relax” I knew I was not only answering Jeff’s question, but also I was sending myself a message. “Trust” was another directive to myself as much as it was the audience. Finally, the word “Desire” popped in after two heartbeats of no-thought as the logical point of origin for the preceding two words. There had to be something to relax about and something to trust would happen. And desire is the fountainhead of both.

I didn’t burst out laughing, although I wanted to. For in that moment, live on Jeff’s show, I’d been given the direct message needed to end the self-inflicted torture I’ve been putting myself through for months now … namely trying to find the “right” answer to the question: “How can I best serve now?”

Yes, I can think of a dozen things to do, write, talk and teach about. Maybe two dozen. Or more. But I’m at the point now where I don’t want to figure this kind of thing out. I don’t want to logic my way to how I will spend the next couple decades of a life that is, optimally, already half over. I don’t want to fill the last chapters with decisions that have come from my head. Or at least not solely from my head.

I’ve been here before—this place of wanting more. This place of desiring a more spacious expression than my human mind can conjure up or even fathom. And I know the manifestation formula well. I’d just never had it delivered so appropriately or succinctly before.

Have the desire—any desire … (no one’s judging what you want but you). Then relax and let it go. Then trust that what you deeply, sincerely, passionately desire, will be given.

That’s it.

And if you can, try to forget about who or what will be doing the giving. It’s not really a who/what thing at all. (Although our human minds like to think in such concrete terms.) It’s really just life … the process of life … the dynamic of life intelligence doing its thing.

That’s “all.”