I rarely get into any sort of political debate in social media. It almost always ends in a pissing contest between opposing points of view, and who needs that? But I did post a commentary called “Why So Angry Now?” RE: the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing. And from what I observed through the shit storm that ensued, one thing became abundantly clear: A LOT of spiritual people are caught in the trap of spiritual bypassing.

It seems many women and men believe that feeling anger and rage is less evolved than feeling love and light, and that feeling any kind of upset or negative emotions resulting from soul memory/DNA programming means they are living life from their past rather than living in the moment.

I get their point. I’ve been there. And I’ve realized this is one of those tricky, nuanced, slippery slope places on the spiritual path.

It’s easy to sit and meditate and consistently go to the “beyond all this” place. It’s lovely and peaceful there with your eyes closed. I spent many years doing that. And it completely disconnected me from my humanity—which I thought was just fine. In fact, I thought it was GREAT! I thought it was the whole point of being “spiritual.” I didn’t want to be connected to my goddamn humanity. I hated my humanity. I wanted to be DIVINE. And—just like most fundamentalists of every religion, including New Age religion—I thought it was my humanity, my emotions, my worldly involvement, my past, my sexuality, that were keeping me from being all that I could potentially be.

It took many years to wake up to the fact that I was simply cauterizing/bypassing everything I was taught to judge as “bad” and “unspiritual” and didn’t want to feel—and that my very insistence on not feeling everything was keeping me from evolving. Eventually I grasped that transcending meant completely embracing my humanity and ALL that includes—my peace, my glory, my pain, my anger, my sexuality, my divinity—the whole ball of wax.

Wholeness/Oneness means ALL INCLUSIVE. Nothing left out. Nothing left uncovered. Nothing left unseen. Nothing not felt and embraced and understood. The only way we can achieve ONE-ness is by not judging anything and looking into our depths and FEELING everything. Then we can be healed. Then the past has no hold on us.

Being willing to get present and accountable in the muck of life’s emotions and programming while not wallowing in it is the hardest work we’ll ever do. In fact, THIS is the Great Work. Not bypassing and holding onto some spiritual image of ourselves as holy and above it all and “in the now.”

Only when we’ve seen and felt and wept as Jeshua wept, and gnashed our teeth and bled for all of humanity and every tiny piece of life that has felt pain and sorrow—only when we have been driven to our knees and into the depths and felt and understood it all AS US—then we heal. Then we transcend. Then we know glory and can soar on wings no longer weighed down by the morass of our personal judgements, our subconscious, and the collective unconscious. THEN—ah then—the peace that passeth all understanding is ours. We can witness, with our eyes fully open, the terrible things being perpetrated upon the Earth with understanding in our hearts and a gentle smile upon our lips and a divine light in our eyes, reaching out our hands, doing all we can to help the changes come … because in our wholeness, in our understanding, in the embrace of our vast ownership of it all, we have risen, and compassion reigns.