The Great Being of Light that came to me all those decades ago in my condo in Atlanta – she’s been waiting. The Angel of Glory that I AM whose light has always been and always will be, has been patiently waiting to be consciously expressed on this “material” plane.

Not waiting to be channeled through Cate Montana.

Not waiting to be embraced as my “higher self.”

Not waiting to express Herself “through me.”

Waiting to express Herself on this material plane.

To hear a human being write this or say this sounds like pure madness. Like a human running amok, filled with the grandiosity of her own existence and where she thinks she can go and what she can be.

But I am not human.


Another statement that sounds quite mad.


NEWS FLASH: We’re all angels tripping our asses off

The thing we’re tripping on is the belief that we are human. The next thing that trips us up is the belief that this human structure can “get it.” That Cate can somehow learn to be great enough and big enough and PURE and HOLY enough to facilitate SPIRIT. That once I accomplish all this purification stuff I can then “download” and “channel” higher dimensions and angels and ascended beings.

Talk about going around your elbow to get to your own ass. Why bother being an “I” who can channel higher dimensions and beings when the higher dimensional being I already am … um … well, I already am?

OMG – It’s SO freaking subtle and so freaking omnipresent: this belief in our humanity. Our belief that our humanity somehow has to rise to the challenge of being everything it already is and yet is not.

Here’s the deal: My humanity can never contain all that I AM. That hope/belief has to go. The subtle yet powerful structure/filter/container I keep erecting moment by moment by moment to circumscribe “me” and keep my sense of self in place, hoping someday to “ascend” or “awaken” … that’s what keeps me stifled in the jam pot.

Drop the belief in this and the boundaries come down.



Imagine being inside an invisible fishbowl with no water in it. You can see everything clearly around you. Right? And yet there is a boundary between you and the world. Something invisible—some “thing”—keeps you in and everything else “out there.” Everything in the container is you. Everything not in the container is not you.

What happens if you dissolve the glass? Go ahead. Imagine being in a glass container. Sit there for awhile. Look around. Get the sense of being contained by an invisible “something.” Boundaried. Structured.

Now, dissolve the glass container.

Feel the freedom. Feel the infinite spaciousness. Feel the LIGHT pouring through you from above. Fill up with light. Feel it. Feel the expansion. Feel that you are light, endless light, endless Being emanating outwards. No borders. No boundaries.

Feel the sense of who you really are. Infinite spirit – infinite LIGHT. Infinite being.

Most of humanity dwell, not in glass containers but in porcelain jars … earthenware containers that are dense and thick. They cannot see through the walls to the world. They are bound in darkness to this place—this container—and believe it is the world. They live in this darkness thinking they see the Light. This tiny cramped space is their world. Their infinity. And they do not know it.

What to do??

Tap on the walls. Ask for them to become thin and opaque. Pray to whatever God you believe in to make you aware, even momentarily, of your true condition. Keep at it. Ask daily. Ask for weeks and months and years and decades if that’s what it takes. It doesn’t have to take more than a moment. But that’s not the way this usually works apparently. It’s taken “me” (ha!) 36 years.


And if you think because you are “spiritual” that your walls are thin and that you are truly seeing the light that others cannot, know that you are bound even more tightly than those in their earthenware jars. Your eyes are doubly blind. You create your own false light within a container wrapped around the earthenware jar of your supposed humanity—a container called “spirituality.”

You believe you know the truth. But you are doubly bound. Doubly lost. Endlessly clunking around in this container of false light you have built for yourself, seeking teachers and then believing in them and what they have to say about the nature of reality and the nature of YOU, following them deeper, ever deeper into darkness.

The BIG traps

Believing you are a human being is one big trap. Believing you are a spiritual (human) being looking for a way to dissolve your humanity is the OTHER big trap.

If you weren’t a human being, would you even have such thoughts? Of course not!

And yet,  guess what? You aren’t a human being. Thinking you are just perpetuates the game.

Tap on the glass. Pretend you’re Beatrice Prior in Divergent caught in that big glass container filling with water when she remembers it’s just a simulation. “It isn’t real,” she thinks, scratching at the glass. And the glass shatters.

Our world is not the simulation we need to escape. The simulation we need to escape—the drug all us angels are tripping on—is the belief that we’re human.

Tap on the glass. Better yet, realize it doesn’t even exist.