Women’s & Men’s Organizations

Ever since the publication of her radically insightful book into gender issues, Cate has been helping women and men heal from sexual discrimination and the pain of the #MeToo Movement by introducing them to a simple, but politically incorrect, fact of life:


The lack of credibility granted women’s feminine values and feminine qualities in our global masculine society, and the difficulty society has embracing genuine gender diversity, has lead to the massive mistake of women seeking equality on masculine terms alone … an error that has lead to an unstable and unsustainable social order filled with violence (including sexual violence), corruption, division, and exploitation of both human beings and the Earth as disposable resources.

Cate’s powerful healing talks on gender and the #MeToo Movement explore:

  • What It Takes to Be Whole: No Gender Expressions Left Behind
  • Integrating Feminine and Masculine Archetypes as a Pathway to Healing and Personal Power
  • Exploring the Feminine Face of God


For more information and to book Cate for a talk: info@catemontana.com