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 The ego is NOT the enemy

Humans can’t function without one. What messes us up is we’re not taught what the ego is, what it’s for, and how it can be managed for optimum functioning.

Without that information—without knowing exactly how the ego is born, how it thinks and how the perception of separation it feeds us 24/7 is actually 100% ILLUSION—we’re boxed into a pitifully narrow spectrum of living filled with fear, loneliness and dissatisfaction. But once we know what we’re dealing with —once we know how to operate the controls — BAM! It’s a whole new ballgame.

Frankly, if people knew what the ego is and how to expand it (not inflate it!) their lives and the whole world would change for the better overnightguygay.blueguygayguygay.blueguygay.blueguygay.blueguygay.blueguygay.blueguygayguygay.blueguygay.blue

Hungry for no-nonsense answers to life’s BIG questions? Want a simple guide to the Truth of who you are (and who you aren’t)?  Want to know how to create lasting change in yourself and the world? The E Word is the book for you.



Cate Montana has accomplished something quite rare: she makes the depths of consciousness, existence and enlightenment readily accessible, without cheapening the profound pay-off that comes with living there.
Chris Aanstoos, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, University of West Georgia