The lack of credibility granted women’s feminine values and feminine qualities in our global masculine society, and the difficulty society has embracing genuine gender diversity, has lead to the massive mistake of women seeking equality on masculine terms alone … an error that has lead to an unstable and unsustainable social order filled with sexual violence, corruption, division, and exploitation of both human beings and the Earth as disposable resources.

Cate’s powerful healing talks on gender and the #MeToo Movement explore:

  • What It Takes to Be Whole: No Gender Left Behind

  • Integrating Feminine and Masculine Archetypes as a Pathway to Healing and Personal Power

  • Exploring the Feminine Face of God


The ego does some tricky things when we become “spiritual.” We actually develop a secondary layer or “spiritual ego” on top of our regular human persona. Which is one of he reasons we can meditate and read spiritual books and attend workshops for years and (depressingly) see very little progress.

The How Life Works System for Radical Change helps highly-motivated people frustrated with the continuing sameness of their lives to create powerful changes in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives through clearly understanding the Invisible Laws governing human existence that either block or promote the True Self from taking over the driver’s seat, opening them to the joy, authenticity, creativity, fulfillment, and prosperity they desire.


Blending inspiration and humor with down-to-Earth solutions, Cate combines economics, ego psychology, and even a little bit of quantum physics, to address some of the biggest issues facing the corporate world today, from sustainability to self-esteem, from gender bias and the #MeToo movement to the Millennial market.


  • The Feminine Face of Business: The Triple Bottom Line

  • Ego, Self-esteem & the Triple Bottom Line

  • Lasting Self-Esteem Through Self-Awareness



I can unreservedly say that Cate Montana meets the highest standards of professionalism, is highly responsive and easy to work with. More importantly, she is a skilled speaker whose life experiences, intellect, and authenticity connect immediately with an audience.

Leslie Hamel, Event Planner



Cate Montana is a highly professional speaker and one of our favorite guest speakers in the field of personal growth. She brings with her years of experience as an author and consultant in many fields including television, newspaper journalism, film and psychology, sharing her personal stories, drawing her listeners into exploring and questioning their personal values, inviting all of us to look within and find positive ways to change. All groups would be lucky to experience Cate Montana’s inspiring message!

Pat Coughlin Mawson, Chaplain Unity in the Olympics



I recommend Cate Montana for speaking engagements! She’ s a powerful women with a valuable message to share with the world. People find her phenomenal!  Her presentation style is enthusiastic, energetic and entertaining! Cate presented a talking forum about the current issues women face with the new administration and people felt she gave practical applications as well as the opportunity to express themselves in difficult discussions. She gave valuable information and is a dynamic speaker and really holds the attention of the group.

Kris Steinnes, Founder Women of Wisdom Foundation


Should you have Cate Montana on your conference faculty? Of course you should! Why? Because she’s passionate, professional, funny, and brings a unique spectrum of experiences to her talks and classes – from psychology to spirituality, from journalism to creative writing. I’ve sat on a number conference panels with Cate, interviewed her twice, and have always enjoyed her perspective and humility. She’s absolutely one of a kind, and your attendees will be grateful you invited her.

William Kenower, Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, and author of Fearless Writing


Cate’s easy speaking style, wit, and deep knowledge of psychology and the ego’s inner workings create an uplifting, energetic experience for an audience, revealing how we can individually expand to create a greater life. If you have an opportunity for Cate Montana to speak at your event or organization, you’ll be well pleased.

Sophia Falke, Las Vegas, NV


As a guest speaker we enjoy Cate’s talks. Her topics are always timely, inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining!

Cindy Swink, President Board of Trustees, Unity of Bremerton


Cate’s talks are always insightful and perfect for our times. She is a gifted speaker and people enjoy her bold and inspiring message. She has a heart for this work and shares it freely. I highly recommend her!

Cindi Pederson, Administrator, Center for Positive Living