Once upon a time my step-dad insisted that the only place to raise a kid was on a farm with room to roam and lots of horses and dogs and cats and cows to play with. It was probably the only thing we ever agreed on in our 48-year relationship. But, by God, it was the only thing that really mattered.

As an only child living on a 350-acre farm in Virginia, I was left alone a LOT. And I turned to nature for answers to the questions I asked my parents and teachers, priests and nuns—things like “Who am I?” and “What is God? What’s life for?” and “What’s death?” … all the important stuff they wouldn’t, or, as I finally figured out, couldn’t address in any sort of sensible way.

The whole God-is-a-white-man-with-a–beard-in-the-sky thing seemed primitive to me at age twelve—an intuition that only deepened as I got older. So, at age 30 when I finally figured out the way society had things rigged was a total crock (a steady job, money, and a double-car garage full of crap will make me happy … um … really?) I turned to “spirituality” and not religion for answers.

That was a deep dive—at least the way I approached it—a dive that involved ditching my lucrative TV job as a sports editor for ABC, NBC & CBS, leaving my great Atlanta condo, and heading to the woods where, for six years, I lived alone in cabins with no indoor plumbing in the middle of nowhere, examining my navel.

It took that for me to even begin to unravel the bullshit in my brain—all the stuff I’d learned at home and in school and in the work world—all the pat answers—all the programming—all the “right” things to do and think and believe. And from there … well, from there the search for Truth with a capital “T” only deepened.

I won’t go into all the ins and outs here—the hundreds of books read, the gurus followed, the years in south and central America working with shamans and sacred medicine plants, the inner psychic realms explored, the fear, the wonder, the exultation as the walls in my mind began to crumble, the profound gratitude I felt as my heart tentatively followed, the time in India. That’s all detailed in my book Unearthing Venus.

What I want to get across here is that, from a very early age I wanted answers. REAL answers. Not fabrications and stories and belief systems from other times and other people. I took Jesus’ word for it when he (apparently) said, “The kingdom of heaven lies within” and went looking for it. And I found it. And in the process learned the mechanics of what keeps humans outside the gates.

The kingdom of heaven is not a fantasyland in the sky. It is a STATE OF MIND. A state of mind that is obscured by the veil of what we think we know and think we are and think we must be and what we think reality is—a veil better known as the ego.

The E Word is the sum total of what I’ve learned so far about both the “kingdom of heaven” and the ego (or at least what would fit in a 200 page book.) And I really had no choice in the writing of it. Spirit/Source Intelligence/Life/the Universe/God—whatever you want to call it—pummeled me relentlessly until my years-long silence was forcibly shattered and it all spilled out on the page. And now … well, now we’re here. Apparently.

So welcome. I hope you find hope here. For despite appearances to the contrary, this is actually the most hopeful time and age and stage in human evolution ever.

There really is such a thing as Truth. And, although I call it by another name, if we eradicate ALL the desperate human projections, storybook fears, superstitions and legend-based dogmas about “God,” and learn to expand our minds into a totally different and fabulously abstract dimension of thought and subtle inner knowing (a BIG job but we’re finally up to it!) I will even go so far as to say there is such a thing as God.

But if we’re going to use the “G” word (a word fraught with millennia of misunderstanding and thus endless bloody warfare) you need to know this: Quantum physicists (and all great mystics) are aware that existence/Creation is composed of limitless, interconnected, interpenetrating energy/information fields. There is no such thing as inside and outside, “over here” and “over there” in Creation. Science has proven what profound meditation also reveals: Everything—all existence—is ONE unified whole.

Unfortunately, this wholeness is the one thing the ego cannot see, understand, or relate to because its existence is based in the false perception of physical separation. And herein lies ALL of humanity’s problems—including yours.

So, this is what “I” am about and what my books, talks and workshops are about: giving you the opportunity to discover all the things you should know about how life works, how perception works, the mechanics of the ego and the erroneous views it holds about life and self and reality.

Once you know that stuff, life gets better. In fact it becomes potentially great because you finally know what you’re dealing with. And then, for the first time ever, the tiller is in your hands. And for the first time ever you have the freedom to be what/who you really are.

That is the goal.