I am grateful – grateful for so many things. Physical health, a flexible mind, friends, nature (Maui!), fulfilling work. But of all the things I’m grateful for, one thing stands out in particular: sadhana.

Sadhana means you conduct your energies, your mind and emotions and body in such a way that wellbeing is produced. It does not have to be any specific kind of activity. It can be the way you sit or stand, breathe or eat.

That said, I am blessed to have learned particular sadhanas designed to facilitate the establishment of mental, emotional and physical conditions conducive to ultimate attainment. Which ultimately is not an attainment at all, but simply the natural and inevitable unfolding of a human being into the state of divine grace s/he is already blessed with but is usually distracted from realizing.

My daily sadhana is my anchor and my greatest joy to an ever-increasing degree.

Without it life would be much much less than it is, and I would be lost and adrift, left to find meaning in what is essentially meaningless. Yes, life is astounding and breathtakingly beautiful and a total miracle. And I love it more and appreciate it more each day. But it is meaningless nonetheless, with no purpose other than itself.

And is that not enough!?

I am grateful I have lived long enough to stop “pursuing” spirituality, meditating and doing breath work as disciplines that I had to do in order to get where I wanted to go, which was, basically, outta here!

After I “woke up” in 2007, I let all sadhana go for a couple years because even though my personality/persona eventually resurrected itself, I had realized the inherent problem involved in trying to “do” anything to awaken. Doing something to attain enlightenment simply solidifies the separate illusory ego attempting to attain liberation from its own delusional existence … thus defeating the whole process by reinforcing the prison walls!

But then I began to meditate again, using Inner Engineering practices learned from Sadhguru Vasudev, founder of Isha Yoga from Coimbatore, India. (Isha means that which rules existence – formless divinity.) It was an on and off affair for a while. But then a couple years ago I got serious about sadhana again.

But not in the same old way as before. Now I know better than to try to get anywhere, because there is absolutely no place to get to, nothing to attain and no way to attain it.

So why the hell bother with sadhana?

Because it facilitates coherence and integration of all the mental, emotional and physical aspects of human existence, aligning these elements with prana—the life force itself.

And oh! How much easier life becomes when everything is coherent and clarity reigns! Sadhana makes sense of the senseless … something I think we all could use a little bit of right about now.


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